Purify the colon with these 3 medicinal herbs

Mint relaxes us and helps us treat many problems in the digestive system. Also, it improves the absorption of nutrients and takes care of our intestines.

And you, you purify your colon regularly? It is considered an essential way to achieve balance in our body: to detoxify and feel a little better. We will explain how to cleanse the colon with the best medicinal herbs successfully.

The importance of purifying the colon

It often happens that we suffer from constipation, that we eat poorly without realizing it and that we get sick. Deficient nutrients, little fiber, digestive problems. All these effects have an impact on our colon. But do you know what the function of our colon is? Extract salt and residues, maintain a metabolic balance, extract vitamin K, and other vitamins.

It is essential because, thanks to him, we succeed in restoring our body and benefiting from better health. But if we accumulate too much waste in the colon, if we stop bringing him vitamins, it will paralyze, and the effects will be noticed directly in our body: fatigue, malaise, intestinal inflammation ..it is worthwhile to hold an account.

Medicinal plants suitable for purifying the colon

How can medicinal plants help us balance the health of our colon? Very simple, there are several plants whose properties are very good for cleaning, detonating, taking care of the colon, and intestines. It is good to drink a cup of these infusions each day to feel better. A simple resource that we must complete with the help of a correct diet and adapted lifestyle.

We will now see which plants can help us.

1. The benefits of anise

A simple remedy that lowers inflammations regulates intestinal and digestive functions and, besides, acts as a protector of our gut and colon. It is highly advisable to drink an anise infusion after the main meal. Thanks to it, we promote digestion and the correct absorption of nutrients. It defames and protects. To do this, add a spoonful of star anise in a glass of hot water. Leave to bring to a boil and rest a few minutes. It will enchant you!

2. Dandelion to purify the colon

Recommended for many conditions. It is a great digestive and a good anti-inflammatory. It is good to have some dandelion flowers always on hand to make an infusion after meals, even after breakfast. Thanks to them, we will find a good balance in our organization. They will make us feel good. It costs nothing to make a cup a day: you will feel even better!

3. Fennel tea

Maybe you know the tasty infusion of fennel seeds. It is one of the healthiest and digestive beverages that exist. It has a slight licorice flavor that will delight you and make you feel exceptionally well. It is an anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory, and protective plant of our digestive system. It is very indicated when we feel, for example, full of inflated, with slight tiredness or malaise.

If you take fennel tea after your meals, it will help you feel better. Do not hesitate; it’s always the right choice.



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