Natural remedies that help reduce inflammation

Many diseases manifest themselves as inflammations, an uncomfortable and sometimes painful phenomenon. For some, decreasing inflammation becomes a necessity.

It can be muscle or joint pain as well as inflammations of any kind: skin, throat, eyes, gums, ears, liver, kidneys, intestines, etc.

Every inflammation indeed has its symptoms and different causes. But some foods and natural remedies can help us reduce inflammation. No matter where it is, the symptoms will disappear gradually. We will see what these remedies are!

An alkaline vegetarian diet

Every time we have inflammation, we also have an excess of acidity in the blood. And this, no matter the place! The first remedy we propose is to follow an alkaline vegetarian diet as long as the inflammation is there.

All foods that contain animal protein tend to worsen inflammation — for example, meat, fish, or even dairy products. It must also be known that a large number of plant foods also acidify our body. To have a balanced pH, you have to eat acidic and alkaline foods. But in this case, there is an excess of acidity: it is, therefore, better to consume only salty foods such as:

– Vegetable juice (carrot, apple, celery, spinach …)
– Raw spinach, broccoli,
– garlic
– Raisins
– The papaya
– The kiwi
– Apple
– The pear
– Nuts
– The almonds
– Lemon juice
– Green tea

Cold and heat to reduce inflammation
Inflammation sometimes needs cold. Especially during the first moments, when they are hot and reddish. Sometimes, on the contrary, they need heat. When? When you feel some cold on the area of ​​inflammation. Generally, the joints need heat.
It will be enough to touch the skin of the affected place to know what we need. Sometimes it will not even be necessary! Indeed, people can feel what they need without having to touch the inflammation.

If we need heat, we will apply a heating pad on the area.

If we need cold, we will apply a sachet filled with ice cubes and covered with a cloth.

Cheese or curd

We can cool the area of ​​inflammation (when it is boiling) thanks to a curious plaster. It is indeed white cheese (quark or curd). It should be applied directly to the skin and then covered with a tissue. Then allow acting for half an hour minimum.

Cold or hot oils

Vegetable and essential oils can have opposite effects. Indeed, some cool while others give us heat. We will see what the properties of each of them are:

– Essential oils that refresh: cypress, mint.

– Essential oils that give heat: ginger, cinnamon.

We will mix essential oils with vegetable oils. It will only take a few drops. Be careful; you need more vegetable oils than essential oils. Here are the vegetable oils:

– Cold: coconut, almond

– Neutral: sesame

– Hot: olive

The cabbage compresses

Cabbage is one of those foods that are excellent anti-inflammatories. To prepare cabbage compresses, it will be necessary to use green cabbage. At first, we will put the cabbage leaves in boiling water for a little while. Then we will flatten them to extract the juice.

We will put them directly on the areas of inflammation, obviously covering them with a cloth. Above, it will be necessary to put baking paper or plasticized paper. Leave to act for 30 minutes or more. This remedy is also used for menstrual pain: it is then necessary to place the leaf on the belly.

Against swelling of the face

The face is a delicate area. We can hardly apply coatings or poultices. Here are some simple remedies to relieve inflammations such as dermatitis, conjunctivitis, etc.

Chamomile sachets: Once used as an infusion, keep small packets of chamomile in the refrigerator. They will be handy to be applied on puffy eyes.

Cucumber slices: Fresh cucumber slices also serve to deflate the eyes and eyelids. It will be necessary to let them act between 15 and 60 minutes.

Aloe vera: Aloe soothes inflammation and heals. It is better to have a plant and cut one end. But you can also buy gel and even mix it with oils.

Calendula: it is excellent for inflammations of the skin. We can find some in the form of creams.

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