How to prevent respiratory allergies

Respiratory allergies, which are very common in times of seasonal change such as fall and spring, cause a lot of discomfort to people who suffer from it. Symptoms include congestion, irritation of the mucous membranes, tearing, and sneezing.

Discover in this article how to prevent respiratory allergies. The five tips below will help you get rid of antihistamines, which have side effects on your health.

1. Eliminate toxins to prevent respiratory allergies

From natural medicine, allergies are linked to an excess of toxins in our body. To begin, therefore, with the prevention of spring allergies, we recommend detoxification treatments at least twice a year. The best moments are just before spring and fall.

Below, we present some foods with purifying properties that you can eat regularly:

– Lemon
– Grapefruit
– Celery
– Garlic
– Onion
– Dandelion
– Ginger

2. Limit dairy products

Although we can not talk about the general population, a large number of people could indeed reduce the production of mucus by removing dairy products from their diet. For this reason, if you suffer from frequent respiratory allergies, phlegm being one of their main symptoms, we recommend avoiding this type of food.

You can replace the milk with vegetable drinks made from oats, rice, almonds, etc. Today, there are also many vegan products (without animal ingredients) similar to yogurt and cheese.

3. Opt for licorice lozenges

Licorice, although it is also a medicinal remedy, deserves special mention. In addition to its anti-inflammatory power similar to that of corticosteroids, it is distinguished by its ability to inhibit histamine. In this sense, it is one of the best ways to naturally prevent respiratory allergies.


Licorice root can be consumed in the form of tablets, candies, infusions, extracts, or natural. However, you must keep in mind that it can increase blood pressure and interfere with oral contraceptives.

4. A lemonade with turmeric and honey to prevent respiratory allergies

If you want to avoid respiratory allergies pleasantly and deliciously, you can choose medicinal lemonade. In this case, we recommend to supplement the lemon juice with turmeric and to sweeten it with honey:

Lemon: purifying and detoxifying. It helps you eliminate toxins, reduce inflammation, and increase immune defenses.

Honey: pollen in small amounts can reduce long-term allergic reactions.

Turmeric: this antioxidant and anti-inflammatory spice promote the blocking of immunoglobulin E. This, therefore, reduces the symptoms of respiratory allergies.

5. Drinking medicinal infusions helps prevent respiratory allergies.

Some infusions of medicinal plants can also help you prevent this pathology in a natural and straightforward way:

Elderflower: It is used to treat diseases affecting the upper respiratory tract, such as allergies. In some countries, drinks made from this plant are also consumed.

Hyssop: it has expectorant properties that relieve congestion caused by an allergy.

Ephedra: is a plant widely used in Chinese medicine. It combats allergies and facilitates the dilation of the bronchi.

As a precaution, you can take 1 or 2 infusions daily, especially during times when we usually have the most allergies. You can choose one of these medicinal plants or combine them. We recommend sweetening with stevia or honey.

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