Here are 4 recommendations for preventing sunspots.

Sunspots are flat spots of brown color. They develop on areas of the skin that are continuously exposed to the sun. UV rays cause melanocytes to multiply, causing alteration.

Their size and shape vary. The most affected areas are the face, the décolleté, the shoulders, and the back of the hand. Although sometimes these spots may seem cancerous, they are, in fact, completely harmless.

Although these brands do not represent a health hazard, we all prefer not to have them because they are rather unsightly.

Are you wondering how to prevent their appearance? There are many products on the market that help reduce the impact of UV rays on the skin. Due to there impact of the sun on the surface, there are more and more treatments and cosmetic products whose purpose is to minimize the aggressions caused by UV rays.

To avoid sunspots, it is therefore essential to include some necessary treatments in one’s beauty routine. But it is also important to complement the action of these products by following other simple tips to protect whole areas exposed to the sun.

Here are 4 recommendations for preventing sunspots. Take notes!

1. Use a sunscreen all year round

The sunscreen is not only reserved for the summer period. This product is useful all year to prevent the appearance of spots on the skin. Even on cloudy days, it is possible to suffer the harmful effects of UV rays.

If you want to prevent the appearance of skin spots while reducing the risk of melanoma, apply a sunscreen with a reasonable degree of protection.

2. Avoid the sun at certain times

Sunbathing for a few minutes is a healthy activity because it allows for optimal vitamin D synthesis.

Nevertheless, it is best to avoid the sun during the hottest hours of the day, that is to say between 10:00 and 15:00: the rays are more intense and more severely attack the skin.

If you do not have a choice and sunbathe during these hours, it is crucial that you use a good sunscreen and clothes that cover your arms and legs. But still, try to schedule your outdoor activities to another schedule.

3. Think about the hat and the sunglasses

In addition to wearing clothes that offer excellent sun protection, you also need to use some accessories for optimal protection.

Wearing a hat and sunglasses will help prevent UV rays from directly striking your head, which will help avoid sunspots on your face.

Moreover, sunglasses are necessary to protect the eyes from UV rays and to prevent premature aging of the delicate skin that surrounds the eyes. Buy your glasses in a place of trust because some pairs do not perform this function.

4. Prevent the appearance of sunspots by avoiding the use of scented products

This recommendation is often ignored. It is an important recommendation to prevent sunspots.

Both creams and perfume waters can promote the appearance of spots when used before exposure to the sun. It is due to a phototoxicity reaction, which results in more than melanin and pigmentation that manifests as spots.

Thus, if you intend to expose yourself to the sun, avoid the application of perfumes and scented creams. Also, use a good sunscreen.

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