4 foods that increase cellulite



We have probably already read in articles what are the home remedies that can treat and reduce cellulite, but do you know what is causing this problem?

If you have no idea, it may be because natural treatments or creams do not deliver the results you were hoping for. In the rest of this article, we will present the foods that nourish cellulite and increase its visibility.

What causes and worsens cellulite?

This “orange peel” affects a vast majority of women and appears mainly on the thighs and buttocks. Cellulite is a real nightmare for women because it is unsightly. In addition to avoiding wearing tight pants and sitting for hours, it is best if you avoid eating the following foods:

Sweet foods

If you want to have a firm and soft skin that does not look like citrus, you will have to significantly reduce your consumption of fresh products, especially industrial products. Cakes, biscuits and other sweets increase the amount of fat present in the body and aggravate the problems of cellulite.

Biscuits, pancakes, chocolates, and all the delicious treats are rich in trans fatty acids that are incredibly inflammatory. Too sweet your infusions is also a bad habit, mainly if you use refined sugar because it is not turned into energy.

On the contrary, it accumulates in different parts of the body, especially the legs, hips, and belly. Replace the sugar with stevia, brown sugar, or sweeteners. If you are addicted to chocolate or other treats, try substituting them with bitter chocolate.


Today’s food is often saturated with fats that harm our health. Burgers, pizzas, fries, hot dogs, fried foods, and all the food sold in fast-food restaurants are the number one enemies of your body, including your skin.

They cause an accumulation of fat that turns into unsightly orange peel on your thighs and buttocks. Also avoid consuming products made from whole milk (or skim milk) such as margarine, whipped cream, cream, and butter. Also, try to reduce your consumption of fried foods, even if you prepare them yourself. The same goes for products that you buy commercially and contain trans fats.

Women who want to see cellulite disappear from their bodies must also avoid red meats and cold cuts (salami, ham, sausages, chorizo ​​, and bacon).


Sodium (or any food that contains a lot of it) is a real enemy to your health for many reasons. First, sodium promotes retention of liquids, a condition conducive to the onset of cellulite. It is advisable not to consume more than 1.5 grams of salt per day.

Try cooking without salt, and use aromatic herbs to give flavor to your dishes. To avoid being tempted, avoid putting salt on the table.

However, you can change your habits and decorate your dishes with sea salt or pink salt from the Himalayas. At the same time, reduce your intake of over-salty snacks or snacks such as french fries or some types of cheese.

Refreshing drinks

These drinks are not suitable for the health of the skin and your health in general. Soft drinks, especially colas, contain a lot of sugar and unhealthy chemicals.

Some people think that consuming the light or zero version of these products is preferable. Know that this is not the case. If you are thirsty, make a habit of drinking water.

If you want a little change, or if you are not used to drinking only water, replace refreshing drinks with natural fruit juices or iced teas.



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